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Firelink is a wide area radio system introduced in UK for a more effective and safer service delivery – it is supposed to be faster, more reliable, more effective than any other system. That’s how we work.


Our team is dedicated to your project. We work result- and solution oriented to get the most out of your given budgets. While working fast and extremely effective, we strive for highest standards on quality and safety. 

We love to be transparent to you and are committed to fair play with all involved parties.

Our team is dedicated to your project
Best production rates

The core promises we can dedicate to your project are

Next generation event production

Make it a next generation event production designed and operated by digital natives!

Precise. Fair. Transparent.

We value extremely the promises we made and deliver what was agreed to - always in time. Always on budget.

Best production rates

You will get the best production rates – through our global supplier network we can deliver highest quality at best prices